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Dealing with Defective Medical Products

Defective products can cause severe injuries or even be fatal. These are the type of products that do not provide consumers with sufficient warning labels or adequate instruction for use from the manufactures about the product. Some examples of products are surgical equipment, hearing and visual aids, hospital supplies, prosthetic devices and medical appliances.
Sometimes the defect in the product goes unnoticed until after it is sold in the marketplace and later reports of injuries are brought to the attention of the manufacture. Other times the manufacture is aware of the imminent threat of their product but does not want to take the time to notify consumers or spend money to recall the product. No matter what the circumstances may have been, legally manufactures are responsible for any injuries caused by their products that was not properly divulged on the warning label.
If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a defective medical product then it is in your best interest to contact a defective product attorney. Sometimes the manufacturer fulfills their responsibility by providing warnings of their product to the doctors, nurses or another medical professional who will be using the product. When that occurs then the duty passes to those professionals to inform the patient. These type of situations can get very tricky. An experienced defective product attorney will be able to determine if your case is actually a product liability case or medical malpractice.
Injuries from a defective product can have long-lasting effects on you not only physically, but financially and emotionally as well. An attorney can help you receive a monetary compensation to assist with any loss that you may have experienced after your injury, including but not limited to:
• Income loss
• Medical bills for doctor and hospital visits, medication and therapy
• Pain and Suffering
• Any damages to personal property
• Impairment or long-term disfigurement

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