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Close call car crash with semi-truckCould You Be Blamed for Your Semi Accident?

It is immensely frustrating to be blamed for something you didn’t do. Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence when it comes to semi accidents. The insurance companies of truck drivers are skilled in their craft and their truck wreck lawyers can place blame incorrectly on the victim.

Here are some common questions that one of our Idaho semi truck accident lawyers has identified that victims should ask themselves after semi accidents:

Questions to watch for

Did you admit fault or apologize for the accident to law enforcement, an insurance adjustor or on social media?

If there is any documented evidence of you saying “it was my fault that…”, “I just didn’t seem them…”, or anything to that nature it could cement your fault for the accident in the eyes of the insurance companies.

Did you commit any driving errors (including small ones) that may have been documented?

Even unrelated driving errors (like going a couple miles over the speed limit) could be deemed a contributing factor in your accident. They could also put some or all of the responsibility on you, or cut into the amount of compensation you are rewarded.

Did you make a recorded statement to the opposing insurance company?

The opposing insurance will be quick to look ask you for a recorded statement following your semi accident. They are looking for opportunities to place the blame on you even if that’s not what really happened. If you’ve made any inaccurate statements or admitted fault in a recorded statement they will have ammunition to blame you for the semi truck accident.

Did you fail to get photos of the semi-truck accident or the damage to your vehicle?

A truck wreck lawyer is going to be very interested in photographic evidence of the semi-truck accident. These photos can make or break a case. If you failed to get photos at the scene of the accident, be sure to get photos of your damaged vehicle and injuries.


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