Consequences of not Answering calls from Bankruptcy Lawyers in Utah
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Consequences of not Answering calls from Bankruptcy Lawyers in Utah

You’re bankrupt. You’ve already contacted bankruptcy lawyers in Salt Lake City from firms such as Craig Swapp & Associates. Now you’re waiting for the lawyer you’ve chosen to bring you news about the bankruptcy case. Unfortunately, due to the stress you’re experiencing, you’ve decided not to answer any of the calls you’ve been receiving from your lawyer. What’s the worst thing that can happen?Apparently, very bad things can happen if you don’t answer your phone when a lawyer calls you about a bankruptcy case. You have to remain in contact with your lawyer because the two of you need to work closely in order to obtain a successful outcome. No matter how good your lawyer is, he can’t do anything useful if you don’t answer your phone or help him out with the case.


When you file for bankruptcy, you would need to present a lot of documents. Some of these will have to be accomplished by your lawyer. Without your cooperation, however, none of these can be submitted because these are documents you need to look over before they are passed on to the government. In short, not answering your phone will result in deadlines being missed, and possible delays in the processing of the case.


You need to attend many meetings during the processing of your bankruptcy case. An example would be the 341 meeting in which you’re given the opportunity to air things out with your creditors. Normally, bankruptcy lawyers in Utah phone their clients to remind them beforehand of these meetings. If you don’t answer your phone, and therefore fail to attend the meeting, well, let’s just say it won’t help your case.


While the lawyer’s purpose is to provide advice and speed things along, the case cannot proceed without the client’s presence. For example, if the creditor confronts your lawyer about inaccuracies in your bankruptcy claim, your lawyer would have no way of disputing this unless he can contact you.


If you don’t answer your phone, not only will you be a nuisance to your lawyer, you’ll also be a nuisance to the court. Such behavior could even encourage the court to dismiss your case. This means that you have to go through the entire process all over again. So before you do something detrimental to your bankruptcy case such as not answering your phone, you should remember that this legal proceeding will have a big impact on your life. So hire a good lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy Utah clients can rely on. And, of course, make sure you check your phone regularly

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