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Bus Crash Injures Students

The school year began with a scare for a busload of Juab County students earlier this month when they were hit by a trailer an SUV was towing. The bus took significant damage and was forced off the road, while the trailer was destroyed. The bus driver and six students aboard the bus were injured in the accident.

Worst Avoided in Encounter

The crash took place around 3:15 in the afternoon on September 6 as the bus was taking students home from school. The bus was traveling south on State Route 28 between Levan and Nephi when it encountered the northbound SUV, which at that moment experienced some sort of problem with the trailer.

The trailer pulled the SUV out of its travel lane, causing the trailer to swing across and hit the front end of the bus.

The bus driver has been credited with saving the lives of the nearly fifty children on board by avoiding a direct head-on collision. Photos from the scene nonetheless show the front windshield of the bus smashed, while the trailer was reduced to little more than kindling. It’s not known at this time if any charges will be filed against the driver of the SUV.

Bus Driver Most Seriously Injured

The bus driver received injuries to his head and face and was admitted to the hospital and later airlifted to another facility in serious condition. He underwent reconstructive surgery the night of the crash.

The most seriously injured of the children suffered a broken arm and was also hospitalized, while two other children were treated and released. Injuries to the others were minor and treated at the scene. None of those in the SUV were injured.

The community has rallied around the bus driver, and a fundraising effort has been launched to help defray his medical expenses.

Separate Bus Crash Has Fatal Outcome

No one was killed in that crash, but the driver of a Jeep in a Cache County crash earlier that week was not so fortunate. The twenty-one-year-old driver from Hyrum was killed when a tour bus crashed into his vehicle when he pulled onto the highway in front of it. Fortunately, no one else was seriously injured.

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