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Auto Accident Settlements

Cash SettlementsOver the years Craig Swapp & Associates has worked hard to get fair settlements for our clients who have experienced life-changing accidents and injuries. Although these auto accident settlements and verdicts are not all representative of a typical collision, every case is different and deserves a fair evaluation of its own merits to determine its value. Oftentimes insurance companies will want to settle cases for a present value and not take into account future devaluing of lifestyle due to the accident. We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Recent Auto Accident Settlements and Verdicts

One of our litigation attorneys won a hard-fought arbitration in March against insurance giant Allstate, walking away with a $51,000 award for his client, after Allstate’s paltry offer of $5,200. The client had been T-boned by Allstate’s client who had run a red light. Ambulanced to a local hospital, the client was treated for a serious shoulder injury. Facing arbitration, our attorney was looking to overcome huge obstacles with his client’s case: large gaps in medical treatment and overtreatment by the client’s physicians. In addition, the client had no auto insurance coverage, so there was no under-insurance motorist (UIM) coverage to fall back on. One of the reasons we went to arbitration was because Allstate refused to consider some $8,000 in medical bills paid by Medicaid. At the arbitration, we successfully countered the arguments of Allstate’s attorneys and the arbitrator awarded our client what the case was truly worth.

CSA Gets Client $125K Beyond Policy Limits

Insurance giant American Family tried hard to pay far less than a liability motorist claim was worth and paid dearly for it. American Family was only offering $7,200 for the Firm’s Saratoga Springs client for his severe neck injury, despite the fact the medical costs were close to $50,000. The insurance company claimed the neck injury was related to prior lower-back injury, which we countered with a doctor’s assessment proving the two injuries were unrelated. Despite that proof, American Family continued to undervalue the claim, which opened up the insurance company for a possible bad faith claim. The case went to mediation and American Family caved to our demands and the client accepted a final offer of $175,000 – $125,000 beyond the defendant’s policy limits. This attorney said, “This was a team effort across the entire Firm – everyone from Intake to Litigation provided valuable assistance. Our client is very appreciative of our hard work on his behalf.”

Firm Pushes Hard for Max Payout to Truck Accident Survivor

Nearly two years ago, the Firm’s client was driving northbound on I-15 in Southern Utah when a long-distance carrier lost control, crossing the median and striking our client’s rental car. The impact with the heavy truck destroyed the passenger side of the car, but our client fared far worse: a shattered arm, crushed elbow, broken ribs, and three cracked vertebrae. Her husband and daughter also suffered injuries and all three were life-flighted to nearby Cedar City. Now the case is closer to resolution – thanks to the efforts of one of our litigation attorneys. The Firm is pushing hard for a fair and full settlement to this client, who will suffer for the rest of her life from this tragic accident. Initially, the insurance company for the trucking company only offered half of what we believed the case was worth, but negotiations are now underway following a recent mediation. Says COO Alan Macdonald “With our client seriously injured, we are determined to get our client the largest settlement possible. Right now, the offer is close to a half million dollars and the insurance company is going back for authorization for even more funds. But we are sticking to our guns and holding out for a better payout to our client. Hopefully, we’ll have good news soon. Stay tuned.”

One CSA Attorney arbitrated five Utah cases in the past month, resulting in settlement amounts much larger than what the insurance adjuster offered prior to litigation:

3x More $$$ Our client from Upland, California was involved in an accident while in Salt Lake City and suffered nerve damage. Farmers Insurance’s offer was $8000, but following arbitration, our client was awarded $24,955.

Offered Zero, Got $8K Our Draper client was involved in an accident during icy conditions and neither driver was cited for causing the accident. American Family Insurance refused to pay on the claim, but after arbitration, our client received $7,965.

50% More Our West Jordan client was T-boned by a driver running a red light. His injuries included severe neck, shoulder and leg pain. Geico Insurance offered $11,000, but CSA won his arbitration with a final settlement of $16,457.

Two Settlements Quadrupled One client from West Jordan was hit by another driver making an illegal U-turn. Farmers Insurance only offered $1,630, but CSA pushed the case to arbitration and won the client $6,320. Another client from Payson suffered soft tissue injuries from his accident and, thanks to CSA, quadrupled the Geico offer from $1,586 to $5,785 following arbitration.

  • Our client is a Utah-based traveling salesman who needs two good legs to keep up with his demanding job. After being T-boned in an accident, he was left with a degenerative knee and a foot with several fused bones. He faced a future knee surgery and the possibility of having to change his job to inside sales, which would mean a reduction in pay. The insurance company, AMICA, only offered a ridiculous $30,000 settlement. Craig Swapp & Associates spent considerable time building a strong case against AMICA, including an extensive economic loss report. The end result was that AMICA ended up paying out $300,000 to the client – ten times the original offer! Craig Swapp & Associates is currently pursuing additional UIM coverage from two other insurance companies for the client.
  • Craig Swapp & Associates took on the Spokane establishment this summer and, when the dust settled, the Firm ended up winning a significant settlement for our client. The client had been in a serious accident with a young man caught driving under the influence. The defendant happened to be the son of a prominent member of the Attorneys General office and was hiding out behind dad’s influence. At that point, the insurance company, American Family, was only offering the client a mere $3,000 for the client’s injuries. As part of our litigation effort, a process server was sent out to serve papers on the young defendant, but the server was met and bullied by the father. The attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates jumped into the action and told American Family that the next visit to the defendant’s home would involve a sheriff’s deputy and news camera crew. Suddenly American Family changed its tune and offered up a fair $45,000 settlement. Needless to say, our client was pleased with the result.
  • Spokane, Washington Craig Swapp & Associates Attorney won a trial verdict for his client against Farmers Insurance. This case went to trial because Farmers objected to the client using multiple medical providers in two states, with various forms of treatment.
    In addition, Farmers objected to the client’s claim of constant pain because she continued to lead an active lifestyle. Farmer’s pre-trial offer was $14,000 and the jury verdict came back with over $22,000. Our attorney stated, “This verdict demonstrates our ability to stand up to a national insurance carrier and show we will not back down to the challenge of a jury trial.” He added that he spoke with several jurors afterward who were impressed with CSA’s preparation and courtroom skill. “They said they would not hesitate to hire us if injured in an accident. There’s is no higher compliment in our business.”
  • The Firm’s client suffered a broken neck from a severe rear-end collision. Her painful recovery involved wearing a metal halo for several months. The defendant’s insurance company, State Farm, only offered a settlement of $110,000, which Craig Swapp & Associates knew was too low. Following arbitration, the Firm was able to get the client $191,000 – an increase of $81,000.
  • Sandy, Utah Craig Swapp & Associates Attorney successfully arbitrated a large uninsured motorist claim versus State Farm. The Firm’s client suffered a broken neck during an automobile accident and wore a halo stabilization device screwed into her head for five months. State Farm argued that the full value of the claim was $155,000, which Craig Swapp & Associates felt was too low. We tried the case before a three-judge panel that eventually awarded our client over $200,000. “State Farm was not happy, but our client was!” said our attorney.

Our attorney successfully arbitrated a case against GEICO in July that nearly doubled the insurance company’s original offer. The Firm’s Idaho client was involved in a rear-end accident in Ogden, Utah, suffering neck and back injuries. GEICO had offered a $150,000 settlement, which the Firm felt was sub-par, considering the client’s injuries and treatment required. The three-person arbitration panel returned an award of $283,000 – an 88% increase over GEICO’s original offer.

  • 1. $6 million to a family from Harris County, Texas
  • 2. $1.4 million to a family from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 3. $1.2 million to a client from Huntsville, Texas
  • 4. $1 million to a client from Bexar County, Texas
  • 5. $1 million to a client from Brazoria County, Texas
  • 6. $835,000 to a family from Ogden, Utah
  • 7. $410,000 to a client from Twin Falls, Idaho
  • 8. $283,000 to a client from Spokane, Washington
  • 9. $600,000 to a client from Joseph, Utah
  • 10. $300,000 to a family from Athol, Idaho
  • 11. $432,000 to a family from Roosevelt, Utah
  • 12. $125,000 to a client from Gilbert, Arizona
  • 13. $87,500 to a client from Roy, Utah
  • 14. $145,000 to a client from Deer Park, Washington
  • 15. $125,000 to a client from Tooele, Utah
  • 16. $95,000 to a client from Boise, Idaho
  • 17. $82,300 to a client from St. George, Utah
  • 18. $100,000 to a client from Taylorsville, Utah
  • 19. $50,000 to a client from Blythewood, South Carolina
  • 20. $164,500 to a client from Sun City, Arizona
  • 21. $59,000 to a client from Orem, Utah
  • 22. $130,000 to a client from Dowingtown, Pennsylvania
  • 23. $95,000 to a client from Riverdale, Utah
  • 24. $50,000 to a client from Boise, Idaho
  • 25. $125,000 to a client from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 26. $50,000 to a client from Kennewick, Washington
  • 27. $75,000 to a client from West Valley City, Utah
  • 28. $65,000 to a client from Far West, Utah
  • 29. $70,000 to a client from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 30. $140,000 to a client from Bountiful, Utah
  • 31. $125,000 to a client from North Roosevelt, Utah

Our lawyers have helped thousands of clients with their auto accident settlements and we can do it for you too.

Other Recent Settlements

$1 million

The client was rear-ended when a truck driver looked down at a map and didn’t notice traffic slowing.

  • Orem, Utah

A client was hit when a car crossed the center median and removed the entire driver’s side of the car.

  • Plain City, Utah

Client rear-ended by a drunk driver as she sat at a stop light.

  • Spokane, WA

Client rear-ended in a four-car pileup.

  • Weiser, Idaho

Large truck vs. motorcycle. Multiple fractures, and extended hospital stay.

  • Nampa, Idaho

Client struck at high speed by another driver who failed to yield the right of way at an intersection causing a broken ankle and mild traumatic brain injury.

  • Spokane, WA
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