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How Will My Claim Be Handled?

Answer from Attorney:
Your case begins with your insurer and the other party’s insurer will be promptly notified that we are representing you with your claim. We will help establish the strength of your case by collecting and examining police reports, photographs, affidavits and other official documents. We’ll also assist you with your own insurance company, who may owe you benefits prior to settlement. Our legal staff can help provide the necessary follow-up and documentation to expedite the payment of these benefits. After you are done treating for your injuries, we contact all medical providers, hospitals and clinics to gather your medical records, reports and billing information. If wages were lost due to the accident, we gather the necessary wage information from your employer. When treatment for your injuries is completed, we will prepare the final documentation of all records so that we can begin negotiating a final settlement. After your claim has been fully documented, we will use that information to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. This process is often lengthy as both sides review and evaluate the documentation. In many cases, negotiation results in a settlement. In some cases, however, the insurance company may dispute negligence or the extent of the damages/injuries. If these differences cannot be settled, we may recommend filing a lawsuit. Although most lawsuits are settled prior to going to court, if necessary, we have an experienced litigation team ready to represent you in court. If your case is litigated, the court will award the damages.

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