It's sad, but true, that some nursing homes abuse and neglect their patients. Bedsores and even unlawful restraints are all too often common occurrences for patients in the care of a nursing home. Unfortunately, some relatives mistakenly believe that bedsores are a fact of life for nursing home patients. Actually, bedsores could be a warning sign that your loved one is being carelessly or even intentionally neglected by his or her caretakers.

If you're loved one is being cared for by a nursing home, be on the look out for these signs of abuse:

  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Broken Bones
  • Improper Restraints
  • Unexplained Injuries
  • Fear of Nursing Home Staff

A recent study indicated that 30 percent of nursing home facilities have been cited for some form of patient abuse, and that a majority of abuse cases are never reported. Over the years, we've found that nursing home abuses can be subtle and even secretly inflicted on your loved one. In fact, abuse can be either physical or verbal...or both. Today, nursing home abuse is on the increase, especially when big corporations put profits over people.

If you believe this is the case with your loved one, you may have rights under the law. We can help.

We'll take a thorough look at the evidence. We'll look for a pattern of abuse – such as bedsores and unlawful restraints. If we find that your loved one has been a victim of physical or verbal abuse, we'll work hard to make sure your loved one will get the compensation and proper care he or she fully deserves.

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