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Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer

Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer

Craig Swapp can help you obtain financial recovery from just about any accident that you were hurt in, and car wrecks happen to be the most common case type dealt with in our field. If you’ve recently become an injured victim in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact Craig Swapp & Associates for immediate assistance from a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer that you can rely on.

Car Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Auto Wreck Statistics

According to Utah’s Department of Public Safety, over 50,000 crashes happen in our state, with about 200 of those being fatal. The reasons why car accidents happen can vary, from weather conditions to simple distractions.

Below are a few statistics that might enlighten you of what to watch out for.

  • In our state, 22% of crashes happen from following too closely.
  • 18% are from speeding.
  • 18% are due to a failure to yield.
  • 17% of wrecks can be blamed on inclement weather.
  • 3% are due to an intoxicated driver.
  • 2% are due to a drowsy driver.

Why to Hire a Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer

Get in touch at 801-919-8899 and find out what our firm can do for you. Your consultation and conversations with us will never cost money and will always be kept confidential, so you have nothing to lose by simply telling us all about it. To make connecting even more convenient, we have representatives available at any hour, day or night.

Don’t forget that you can use our free chat system (yes – it’s a live person!) or simply submit an email form.

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After your initial chat with us, our team will get started on your case. An auto accident attorney with Craig Swapp & Associates can help you by:

• making sure you get the proper medical care, so you can recover as soon as possible.
• working with your medical providers to make sure your medical bills are paid.
• gathering your medical records and other evidence to build the best case possible for you.
• advising how to deal with your wrecked vehicle or getting fair value if your car was totaled.
getting every dollar you deserve in a fair settlement!

Keep in mind, the law requires that you hire an attorney that practices in the same state that your car accident occurred in. That being said, if you are a resident of Salt Lake City, a car wreck attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates is someone that you can turn to for help.

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